Top Tourist Attractions in Algeria

To make your stay in the nation more memorable, it is best to begin to see the top tourist attractions in Algeria.

Democratic Republic of Algeria is a countryside within the Maghreb. In terms of earth area, it’s the prime country on the Mediterranean and beyond, the biggest in the Arab world and second-major around the African continent after Sudan, and also the eleventh-largest country in the world.

Below the best tourist destinations in Algeria:


Algires harbor full of oil and has a fertile coastal plain. To begin with was built by the French because the 132-years ago and ended in 1962. If you’re interested in this place, you should are available in the winter with the weather a little cloudy. Enjoy views from the boats around the pier / harbor or mountain landscape round the beach.


The western coast around Oran, Algeria’s second city, has historic remains and mosques.

Sahara desert

Sahara desert

Sahara desert

If you see, the sand here a lot and have a dry natural conditions. Saharan sand dunes occupy under one-fifth of the Sahara with a height around 150 feet (46 meters).The Sahara is easily the most striking and also most forbidding feature of the nation. The best way to enter the south would be to cross the El Kautara Gorges to the south of Constantine. The sudden peek at the Sahara through the El Kautara Gorges is breathtaking. These gorges have been demonstrated to separate the winter areas in the land of everlasting summer and therefore are called Fouur Es Sahra (‘the Sahara’s mouth’) by the inhabitants.

Kasbah quarter

Kasbah quarter, Algiers is among the traveler magnetisms in the city. Algiers is really a international city and is the middle of Algeria. It put forwards a number of attractions to the tourists thereby which makes it a famous tourist spot. You will see some of the most remarkable structures when you are on a travel to the city. While making the rounds the city, you must definitely go to the Kasbah quarter, Algiers. This is the most traditional area of the city and tourists go to the place to see the many old structures which are located here.

Kasbah quarter, Algiers may be the citadel of the capital. Kasbah is a tiny city which was built on a mount and which matches down to the ocean. The town is separated into2: the low city and also the high city. The streets are coupled to one another by a no of alleys. The homes that line the streets are ended of stone and therefore are whitewashed. These are square and flat topped structures. There aren’t any windows in the houses. Instead there are some slits in the walls that have iron gratings. There is the quadrangle in the center of the home and which can be reached with a narrow doorway. The shops aren’t separate structures but openings within the walls. You would get a wide variety of products during these places. Some of the products include embroidery and ornaments in silver and gold. This place has a mixed population comprising Arabs, Jews, Moors and Negroes.

Ketchaoua Mosque

Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers is among the locations that you must visit when you are on take a trip to the city. Algiers may be the capital city of Algeria and it provides a host of tourist attractions towards the visitor. It is situated through the Mediterranean Sea and there are various structures which are spread throughout the city. You are sure to possess a wonderful time here going through the many monuments and historical marvels which are located in the city. One of the sites that you need to visit while you are on tours towards the city is Ketchaoua Mosque, Algiers

Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs, Algiers is among the most prominent tourist magnetisms within the city. Algiers, the busy capital of Algeria is a good tourist blemish. With many historical structures scattered through the city, you are sure to have a nice time when you are here. The many monuments using their grand exteriors and well decorated interiors would call to mind the rich past from the city. One of the monuments that you need to visit while you are on a visit the city is the Monument of Martyrs, Algiers.


If you wish to know more about then good reputation for the place, it is best to visit the mountain village of Djemila within the northern part of Algiers. The structures that may be seen in the village include basilicas, arches, temples along with a theater. Notable people born in the village include Britannia Governor Lucius Alfenus Senecio.


Tipaza is the Tipaza province’s capital, that is known for Roman ruins and a sandy beach. The excellent sightseeing views at the place range from the Christian church vestiges and the Corne d’or Tourist Complex. To explore the history of the place, it is advisable to visit the Tipaza Museum.


Lots of people choose to holiday in Algeria, taking advantage of the sunny weather, hot temperatures and delightful Mediterranean coastline, which depends on the northern side of the nation. Popular sandy beaches surround Algiers, in addition to being based along the easterly Turquoise Coast, in which the Sidi Ferruch peninsula resides. There are also a number of buzzing beach they resort to be found around the Oran region, for example Ain El Turk, Les Andalouses, Canastel, Mostaganem and also Sablettes. Lying near the Gulf of Stora, the city of Skikda can also be famed for its uncrowded Mediterreanean beachfront and coastal hotels. There’s also some fine golden beaches found within the El Kala National Park.

Belzma National Park

Probably the most famous and interesting national parks in the united states, the Belzma National Park is located at the province of Batna. The park includes a length of 262.5 kilometers. The site plays home to 447 flora species in addition to 309 fauna species.

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