Top 10 Tourist Spots in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso attractions have allured the tourists and travellers for a long period. There are various places of tourists’ interest in the country, serving all types of people. There is something or the other for every and everyone in this West African country. The major attractions in Burkina Faso centre around several historical buildings including museums, several national parks and zoological gardens, lakes and waterfalls in addition to many busy market places and shopping destinations. These places attract not just adults but children too.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Burkina Faso

The attractions are generally natural as well as man-made. People, who’re interested in exploring history and historical facts, should visit the various palaces and museums in the country. There’s also many mosques and mausoleums in Burkina Faso. There are many ancient and archaeological buildings that behave as heritage sites for the country.

Attractions of Burkina Faso likewise incorporate some beautiful lakes and cascading waterfalls. There’s also many rock formations that may be viewed in these places. The zoological gardens and national parks are wonderful places of attractions at Burkina Faso.

The most important Burkina Faso attractions are:


Niangoloko is a town and seat of the Niangoloko Department in southwestern Burkina Faso. It’s near the city of Bobo-Dioulasso and the border with Côte d’Ivoire. The town includes a population of 16,175.

Ouagadougou Airport

Ouagadougou Airport is the main airport terminal located at the Centre of Ouagadougou City in the landlocked West African country of Burkina Faso. This can be a public cum military aviation facility far away of 3 kilometers from the city centre serving the requirements of Ouagadougou City that also happens to be the largest city in the country.

Air Burkina is the national flag carrier of Burkina Faso, and the main airline serving the Ouagadougou Airport relies here, and operating flights to some number of West African and European destinations. Situated in an elevation of 1,037 feet above sea level, this airport is with a couple of runways enabling all flight movements. The larger one is definitely an asphalt surfaced main runway that is 9,934 feet long and the shorter runway is 6,269 feet long having a lateritic-surface.

Ouagadougou Cities

Tourist Visit to Burkina Faso

Travelers are mostly visiting Ouagadougou Airport, Ziniaré and Yanga as the better of 3 tourist attractions in Ouagadougou. There are one tourist attraction in Kordié a town just 58 km from Ouagadougou and one tourist attraction in Kaya that is 58 km distant. The most popular of these are Koudougou in Kordié and Dawaka in Kaya.
Ziniaré is a town located in the province of Oubritenga in Burkina Faso. It’s the capital of Oubritenga Province and Plateau-Central Region, and the birthplace of current President Blaise Compaoré.
Yanga is a village in the Doulougou Department of Bazèga Province in central Burkina Faso. The village includes a population of 716.

Kabore Tambi National Park

Kaboré Tambi National Park is a national park in Burkina Faso. It is situated between Ouagadougou and the border with Ghana and follows the span of the Nazinon river. Founded in 1976 as Pô National Park.

Est Region

Est is one of Burkina Faso’s 13 administrative regions. It had been created on 2 July 2001. The population of Est was 1,209,399 in 2006. The region’s capital is Fada N’gourma. Five provinces make up the region – Gnagna, Gourma, Komondjari, Kompienga, and Tapoa.

Béré is a town in Zoundweogo Province, Burkina Faso.Mankarga is a town in the Boudry Department of Ganzourgou Province in central Burkina Faso. The town includes a population of 1204. Koulpèlga is a village in the Kombissiri Department of Bazèga Province in central Burkina Faso. The village includes a population of 710.


Bougouriba is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso and is in Sud-Ouest Region. In 2006 the population of Bougouriba was 102507. The capital of Bougouriba is Diébougou. The 127km2 Bontioli Reserve is situated in the province.

Diebougou is a town in Burkina Faso, lying 136 kilometres (85 mi) south-east of Bobo-Dioulasso on the main highway to Ghana. It’s located 74 kilometres north of Gaoua and 133km west of Leo, Burkina Faso. The town includes a range of crafts, including pottery and basket work. You will find caves near the town know to locals as les grottes. These were built under the French colonial command in around 1900 using forced labour and form a network of underground tunnels to the west of the town.Badié is a village in the Bagassi Department of Balé Province in southern Burkina Faso. The village includes a population of 687.Dissin is a town and seat of Dissin Department in the province of Ioba in Burkina Faso, near the northwest corner of Ghana.

Arli National Park

Arli National Park often Arly is a national park located in southeastern Burkina Faso. It adjoins Benin’s Pendjari National Park in the South and the Singou Reserve in the West. The Arli National Park is placed in 760 square kilometres with a wide selection of habitats, ranging from the gallery forests of the Arli and Pendjari rivers to savanna woodland and sandstone hills of the Gobnangou chain.

It’s home to around 200 elephants, 200 hippos and 100 lion. There’s also buffalo, baboons, red and green monkeys, warthog, boar and various antelope for example western hartebeest and roan antelope. There are also bushbucks, duikers and waterbuck.

Oti River

The Oti River (Pendjari River) is a river in West Africa that rises in Burkina Faso. It forms a part of the international boundaries between Benin and Burkina Faso and between Togo and Ghana. It empties into Lake Volta.

Dédougou Cities

Travelers are visiting Sanaba as the best tourist attraction in Dédougou. You will find 6 tourist attractions in Solenzo a city just 45 km from Dédougou and tourist attractions in Houndé that is 66 km distant. The most popular of these are Sanaba in Solenzo and Didié in Houndé.Sanaba is a town in the Boucle du Mouhoun Region of Burkina Faso. It’s the capital of Sanaba Department.

Kourtiagou Reserve

Kourtiagou Reserve is a partial reserve in Burkina Faso. Established in 1957 it’s located in Tapoa Province and covers a place of 510 km². Its name comes from the river Kourtiagou which is the western border of the reserve. In the East it’s divided from the W National Park by the road R7 from Tansarga to Banikoara. The southern border is the national border to Benin.

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