The Fabulous Beaches in Morocco – Just For Your Holiday

Morocco is a country located in the continent of Africa. Morocco Beaches have superb quality and they are extremely clean.

Moroccan beaches are for those tastes and desires.Bordered through the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has lots of thousands of kilometers of coastline in which the scenery is varied and inviting.

The Fabulous Beaches in Morocco

Moroccan beaches

Typically the most popular Moroccan beaches are naturally located near cities, especially around the Atlantic coast.But there are hundreds more in places where nature has always been intact. All allow you to go through the joys of swimming, relaxing or popular aquatic sports.The vast majority of beaches are so long strips of sand facing the ocean waves. They’ll become hotter as you go south towards the sublime bay of Dakhla. The northeast trade wind is blowing steadily from late March to mid-September around the corner of the coast: ideal conditions for practicing all skiing, including surfing.

The tourists to Morocco are extremely much attracted to the Morocco Beaches. In the united states of Morocco there are 120 beaches within the zone of Mediterranean part from Saida to Tangiers.

From Tangiers to Essaouira you will find 238 beaches and from Agadir to Dakhla you will find 54 beaches. In Morocco beaches around the Mediterranean coast possess the climate, which is warm and calm than the beaches which re around the Atlantic side. The water is generally very chilly.

The tourists to Morocco can stroll around the long beaches of Morocco without worried about the safety.

Some of the Moroccan beaches are:

Grottes d’ Hercules: This beach is extremely pleasant and is kept clean. This specific beach is visited through the tourists mostly and is seen to become full during the vacations within the months of July and August.

El Jadida: This beach is situated closer to town area. This beach can also be very clean and the atmosphere here’s pleasant.
Tangier Town Beach: Tangier Town Beach in Morocco is extremely beautiful to look at as it is encompassed by mountains. This each is very popular among the tourists and the residents of the nation of Morocco.

Lalla Fatma: This beach may be the cleanest beach in Morocco. Here the present is very strong in the water so swimming might not be a very popular and safe option however the visitors throng this place because of its splendid beauty and also the serenity of the place.

The Chesapeake bay: The beaches along the Atlantic Coast are picturesque. They provide white soft sand and sparkling blue waves, but quote the water is cold. Dakhla Bay is among the firm favorite beaches across the Atlantic Coast with a host water activities from windsurfing and kite surfing to kayaking and jet skiing.

The med Coast: The beaches along the Mediterranean coast are golden colored and you can find stretches upon stretches of sandy shoreline. The favored beach is Tamuda Bay, it’s one of the beaches that is encompassed by beautiful palm trees and a small marina.

Taghazout: You’ll find Taghazout only eighteen kilometers from Agadir, this beach stretches a great eight kilometers and offers lots of space to sun bathe or surf without having to be right on top of the person alongside you. Wonderful for leisurely walks, beach games and aquatic sports while you soak up the sun.

Aglou Beach: Aglou Beach is an extremely popular tourist beach, the fantastic thing about visiting this beach during the day is the selection of restaurants and occasional shops that surround the region.

Hammamet: Hammamet is also a very tourist orientated area while offering beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters along with a host of fun and great water activities. It’s here you will also find a selection of 5 star beach resorts with blue pools and wonderful decked areas to take in the sun.

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  1. Arvind Sharma

    I went on a beach a vacation in Morocco last August and also the Atlantic-side of the country is really beautiful. Should you stay in Marrakesh you gotta go to the beach towns of Essaouira, Agadir, Oualidia and El Jadida. Apart from that, I would recommend that you stay in Essaouira due to the tourist amenities, long sandy beach, along with a small medina. Accomodation options are also cheaper should you stay in the beach towns instead of Marrakesh.

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