Seychelles islands in Africa: Best Summer Vacation Destination

Enjoy the magic of natural beauty by vacationing across the chain of virgin Seychelle islands with humid plants, beautifully carved palm trees and virgin soft sandy beaches stretching very far.


The Seychelles Island chain has 115 islands only a few inhabited, in the Indian Ocean that lie off the coast of East Africa, northeast of Madagascar, that occupy an overall total land area of about 455 square kilometers. They are located in a region of about 1.4 million square kilometers in the western part of the Indian Ocean, and is famous worldwide for their great natural beauty. Extending from about 4 to 10 degrees south of the equator and lying from about 500 km to 1600 km off the east coast of Africa, this beautiful island chain is worth exploring. This article will discuss the Seychelles and the surrounding islands.

Seychelles islands in Africa

Magic of the Seychelles

The islands of the Seychelles are stunning, and well-known as a blissfully isolated honeymoon haven with luxurious hideaways and excellent diving. However, the small, owner-run, inexpensive guest houses and beach retreats on the Seychelles will also be great for families with young children. Our holidays in the Seychelles could be a rejuvenating antithesis to city life, enabling the islands to reside up to their hype as magical, dream holiday destinations!

Seychelles hosts some of the most loneliest and picturesque beaches in the world. These beaches include Anse Source d’Argent the famous beach on La Digue that’s framed by impressive granitie rocks, Anse Cocos on the eastern coast of los angeles Digue – accessible only by foot and Anse La Reunion placed along its shore on The La Digue Island.

Seychelles Geography, Climate and Culture

Unique in geography, climate and also culture, these islands possess a wildly colourful storybook good reputation for spies, pirates and shipwrecked sailors which has brought about the integration of European, African, Indian, Arab and Chinese islanders having a heady Creole culture. The islands continue to be pretty hard to get to…you will find currently no direct flights, but Air Kenya flies from London via Nairobi, for all those seeking to tie in an East African safari.

Why travel to Seychelles

Seychelles islands are adorned with humid plants, beautifully carved palm trees and virgin soft sandy beaches stretching very far.  You will feel as the first visitor to have arrived at this place when you hike through the dense jungles, isolated beaches and the lonely hills. Fishing and sailing are the favorites amongst the visitors. Islands are thickly populated with land and sea birds, many of them are in the rare category and are found only on specific islands. Seychelles offers everything ranging from luxury accommodation to natural sea food delights to be served to the visitors to satiate their palates.

Summer Vacation in Seychelles islands

When Trip to Seychelles

The weather in the Seychelles largely depends on the trade winds. From October to April these airstreams are warmer, while from May to September they bring cooler temperatures together. The months of July and August are the driest and the most rain should be expected in January.

Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles islands in Africa Summer Vacation Destination Seychelles islands in Africa: Best Summer Vacation Destination

Summer Vacation in Seychelles islands

Seychelles stands like a great destination by itself, or as an excellent spot to combine with a safari on mainland Africa.

Mahe Island

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago, and the place to find about 80.000 people and the quaint capital Victoria. Its mountainous interior is basically covered with dense cloud forest, whilst the coastline has beautiful, white powdered beaches, lovely coves and great beach retreats. Mahe also offers a vibrant art scene: many artists have settled in the Seychelles over the years, inspired by the islands’ tropical looks; many of them live on Mahe and gladly welcome visitors at their galleries.

Praslin Island

Some 45 minutes by fast catamaran ferry from Mahe lies Praslin, the second largest of the Seychelles islands. This laid-back place offers quite a bit in store for you: from stunning palm-fringed beaches, to the restaurants and shops at Côte D’Or, and the world’s smallest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vallée de Mai – Praslin can certainly keep you busy for several days! Accommodation options include lovely little guest houses, in addition to really luxurious hotels.

La Digue Island

La Digue is difficult to beat when it comes to a laid-back beachside holiday. Its traditional Creole community enjoys an especially unhurried way of life, using colourful oxcarts as way of transport, and the island’s small guest houses are extremely friendly. Here, activities center around simple pleasures, including bicycle excursions, or beachcombing at one of the Seychelles’ most striking beaches – Anse Source d’Argent.

Bird Island

60 miles from Mahe, this small tropical paradise is the northernmost island of the Seychelles archipelago, and the place to find an unbelievable number of birds. They all are over the place, guaranteeing an exceptional wildlife experience all year round! Whilst enjoying the company of fairy terns and lesser noddies, you’ll remain at the family-friendly Bird Island Lodge, with quick access to beautiful beaches.

Denis Island

Set on the fringe of the Seychelles Bank, Denis Island is the perfect getaway for all those seeking sunshine, stunning beaches, tropical waters and privacy. Its interior is crowded with takamaka, coconut palms and casuarinas trees which hide spacious, comfortable cottages, whilst the surrounding sea is sparkling blue and busting with all of kinds of colourful fish.

Desroches Island

Desroches is the most distant of Seychelles islands. It lies 230km west of Mahe, and is a component of a group of atolls called the Amirante Islands. Its interior is beautifully lush, 14km of white sandy beach invite you to definitely relax and unwind, and the island’s smart, colonial-style resort means exclusivity and isolation at the same time – it’s ideal for a romantic honeymoon.

Fregate Island

Just four degrees south of the Equator, this startling private island sticks out for its natural beauty; the topographical mix of granite peaks, lush banyan tree forest and seven dazzling beaches is amazing – out of the box the sight of rare Seychelles magpie robin! The 16 very luxurious, colonial-style bungalows on Fregate all have spectacular ocean views, and first-class services are taken very seriously.

North Island

Bigger than Monte Carlo, and holding the same stylish appeal, North Island is the ultimate Seychelles holiday destination; it’s just sensational! Since opening in 2003, the media, design-conscious celebrities and affluent travelers all over the globe, have vied to holiday here in one of their 11 hand-crafted guest villas. And yet, in spite of their success, it remains a blissfully understated affair: sanctuary,

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