Lion African Safari Destinations

Go on a lion wildlife safari tour to experience african wildlife holidays. African Lion Safari is Unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy entertaining and educational animal environment.

An African Lion Safari is among the most popular safaris in the world, providing visitors with a close-up view of how the ecosystem operates and how these mighty creatures live throughout the regions of Africa. Go on safari and get closer than you ever imagined to over 1,000 exotic birds and animals that roam freely in large national parks. Drive through in your own vehicle or take a Safari Tour Bus. See lions, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras and many more animals from around the world. African Lion Safari is a entertaining and educational environment in which to display and propagate animals in a safe manner that gives a unique viewing opportunity to all of our visitors.

Lions are one of Africa’s iconic species, and yet they are under threat from habitat loss, conflict with humans, and many local factors. Everyone going on an African safari expects to see lions, but there are fewer than you might think. According to a recent Duke University study, the continent’s population has dropped more than two thirds in the past 30 years to perhaps less than 32,000 lions, and the species has lost 75 percent of its former range and gone extinct in 26 countries. Most of the continent’s lions survive in just six countries, in the national parks and reserves of Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. According to wildlife crime fighter

African loin Safari wildlife tour

African loin Safari

and Condé Nast Traveler Environmental Award winner Ofir Drori, who has helped capture and convict lion-skin traders in West Africa, the are perhaps only 13 wild lions left in all of Cameroon. Visit this large drive-through wildlife park and you will surely have a wild experience! View and photograph 1000 unique and rare mammals and birds who are roaming freely,waiting to meet you. The Safari Trail takes you through prides of lions, troops of baboons and herds of zebra. You will see big cats, baboons, white rhino, ostrich, aoudad, eland, giraffe and many other exotic and native species.

Popular Destinations for Lion African Safari

There are lot of popular spots for lion african safaris. According to African Safari Pictures, the most popular destination to experience an African lion safari is in Masa Mara, Kenya. The national park’s vast and open landscapes and short grasslands make lions extremely easy to spot. It is not uncommon for visitors to see a lion devouring its prey as well as stampedes of other species, depending on the time of the year. Serengeti in Tanzania comes in second on the list of top lion safaris during the annua


In Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve, all four members of the Governors Camp Collection conduct game drives on the east bank of the Mara River in the vicinity of Musiara Marsh, Rhino Ridge and Paradise Plain—the territories of the Marsh Pride and five other lion families depicted in the long-running BBC TV series Big Cat Diaries. According to host and professional photography guide Jonathan Scott, lions regularly stalk the tree-lined water courses east of the marsh. Scott and his wife, who have been observing the prides for years from their base in the Governors concession, are sometimes available to lead private safaris by arrangement.

Etosha National Park – Namibia

Here the lions come to you if you wait long enough. Most of the camps in Etosha have waterholes with hides next to them where you can watch the animals come and go at your leisure. And because there is such a lack of water these will often be the only places for miles around for the animals to get a drink. Wait long enough and you will see lion. Some people have seen them hunt around the waterholes too because all the other animals also have to eventually come down for a drink.


If you take an African lion safari when the annual wildebeest migration hits the Serengeti plains, chances are that you are in for a lions spotting bonanza.They are very active at this time because of the oversupply of prey which they need to take advantage off before it disappears over the horizon to find better grazing. Tanzania has the continent’s largest lion population. According to Mark Nolting, one of Condé Nast Traveler’s recommended safari specialists, a private vehicle and top guide are key, “and the overriding variable is that the guide must have unlimited mileage and no restrictions from the safari company he is working with as to how far he can drive in a day. This allows him to follow his nose and reports from fellow guides to maximize lion sightings.” Nolting’s Africa Adventure Company pays private school fees for the kids of guides who consistently deliver great experiences as an extra incentive to put maximum energy and creativity into finding the species that clients hope to see.

Lion hunting in South Africa

Based along the Botswana border, our Lion hunting property offers 12,000 acres of pristine Kalahari bushveldt with excellent Lion opportunities at the best prices South Africa has to offer. All lions are hunted by tracking and on foot with 100% success rate as per South African Lion hunting standards.Prices start at $12,500 through to $58,000 depending upon the size of the males encountered and actually taken within the field.Remember, South Africa’s Lion hunting set up is unique to that country – all hunts are done within the confines of the South African Nature Conservation Authority guidelines and set of ethical requirements – so please talk to us about your ethical needs and requirements.


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