Best Places in Seychelles for a Perfect Holiday

There are numerous places which you can visit while on a holiday to Seychelles. Here we have compiled a list of the best places which are indeed worth visiting.

Seychelles is a country in East Africa located in the Indian Ocean which consists of a group of 115 islands. Seychelles, known for exquisite beaches, coral reefs, natural reserves and unique wildlife like giant Aldabra tortoises is like a paradise on earth. Capital of the country is Victoria which includes Mahe Island that acts as the main transport hub and has an international airport. The main currency is Seychellois rupee. Although the climate is humid throughout the year, the best time to visit is from May to November. Given here is a list of famous places to visit in Seychelles.  Best Places

Seychelles is a dazzling touristic places, where shining skinny people with their fantastic traditions and friendly manner invite the global visitors. For the citizens of Northern Hemisphere, Seychelles has a special attraction and charm. With Mahé Island’s international airport, Seychelles and Northern Hemisphere are connected.

Best holiday Destination in Seychelles

Intendance Beach

This beach is located on Mahé Island, which has a commendable width and is a haven for surfers who need large swells. The current is multi-directional and hence it is not easy to swim in these waters. The Banyan Tree Resort puts up signal flags to update the people who still wish to go ahead and have a swim in these rough waters. You can also spot turtles nesting on this beach and capture them on your celluloid.

Bicentennial Monument

The monument shaped like three wings was built by Lorenzo Appiani in the year 1978. It was erected to commemorate the 200th anniversary of discovery of Victoria. The monument is a simple geometric design in white colour depicting the people of Seychelles which come from three different cultural groups i.e. Asia, Africa and Europe.

Praslin Museum

Praslin Museum is a beautifully designed manmade place to visit in Cote D’Or. It is showcased with Seychelles’ cultural, traditional and environmental vintage items including handicrafts, pictures, plants and animals, equally attractive for zoologists, botanists and public. For entertaining and enjoying, a number of different options for eating, drinking, shopping, playing and resting are there. Sparkling hotels & restaurants, with neat & clean natural environment are some wonderful options here for tourists.

Victoria Clock Tower

Victoria Clock Tower

Mahe Island

Among the archipelago of Seychelles, Mahe is the largest. Besides Mahe is also the gateway to Seychelles. Mahe is the economic and cultural hub of the Inner islands of Seychelles. The island is known for its granite rocks and shelters about 90% of the diverse ethnic population of Seychelles.

Victoria Clock Tower

The Victoria Clock Tower is the most prominent and famous place in Seychelles. Its history goes back to about 100 years, where new, modern and lofty buildings could not decrease its beauty & importance. For tourists from Northern Hemisphere and other parts of the world, it is fantastic place to visit. It is also known as “The Lorloz” in Victoria, Mahé, must arrive here and pleasantly pass your time with friends, family members and beloved ones.

Aride Island

This island is a granitic island located 10 km from Praslin Island. The island has been developed into a natural reserve sanctuary and the only persons allowed to live here are staff and volunteers. The island has unique flora and fauna which remains untouched by humans. That’s why the place is so serene and beautiful.

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