Accra,Ghana: Best Places to visit & Spend Your Vacations

The land of many lakes, hills and forests, there are lots of places to visit in Accra, Ghana because of its tourists. everything for people visiting Accra, Ghana

Acra is situated in Ghana, is a country in West Africa, which borders with the three French-speaking nations of Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Togo. The Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean are in the south of the country. Accra, Ghana’s capital, is a lively, safe and extremely vibrant city. It’s the first stop for many visitors arriving in Ghana, and most come to see the castles and slave-forts along the coast, and to enjoy the beaches. The tourists visiting the metropolis through significantly and broad constantly would like to get a excursion related to the attractions within Accra given that they toss mild in the lifestyle and cultures related to the nation. The funds related to Ghana demonstrates the wealthy previous regarding the region as it’s the greatest town of the nation aside from getting the overall costs, marketing and sales communications and management middle. Just about all the illustrates involving Accra can be seen lying down spread within and throughout the town. The vacationers possess a wonderful amount of time in the town because there are tons of attractions within Accra that they’re going to notice below and accumulate just a little knowledge with regards to the region.


The Osu Fortress throughout Accra should have a particular refer to of the tourist destinations throughout Accra as it is the couch associated with authorities inside Ghana. The ‘Fort Christiansborg’ or maybe more merely the ‘Castle’ while the Osu Fortress is termed offered since the couch involving authorities considering that the Uk northeastern principle and still does consequently even today. The Osu fort can be the operating soil for about 2100 personnel and might be been to through Rich Nixon, Costs Clinton and Gerhard Schroder. The Osu Citadel additionally residences a perpetual garrison, any retail center, the medical center, the post-office and a restaurant wherever the workers can certainly talk and invest some time using buddies.

Best Time for you to Go to Accra

Situated on the The southern section of shoreline involving Ghana, Accra will probably knowledge warm environment, staying warm and damp by means of nearly all of the 12 months. The staying a couple of months include the reasonably dried up months regarding Accra. The chilly a few months involving Come July 1st and September tend to be a great time and energy to pay for a visit to Accra since the down pours begin to decrease and conditions additionally learn how to soak, calculating Twenty one that you should Twenty-two certifications Celsius. The additional great period to determine Accra can be through Late that you should early on Drive. Despite the fact that temperature ranges increase partially, calculating involving 25 in order to 30 diplomas Celsius, due to the smaller bad weather wetness is usually reduced. An additional additional advantage is really the much less mosquitoes and other during this period.

Dealing with Accra Ghana

Several Travel arrangements that you should Accra can be found coming from distinct world towns and metropolitan areas throughout Ghana. Consequently to get at be able to Accra you’ll be able to acquire most of these travel arrangements. Accra area could be the primary fiscal, sales and marketing and sales communications and administrator heart within the nation. It is usually the funds associated with the land. Therefore choose from the Routes for you to Accra according to your current schedule and benefit. Kotoka Air-port is actually the portal in order to Accra regarding the intercontinental vacationers although domestic travelers may stick to roads. The correct way regarding Accra Vacation is usually to get the visit to be able to Accra and terrain with Kotoka Air-port. Through airport terminal you’ll be able to require a cab toward down-town. Accra depends upon train collections in order to the bordering towns regarding Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Dealing with Accra

Kotoka International Airport is the main access point to Accra in Ghana. Accra being a major air transportation hub in Ghana has several direct flights to a lot of international destinations from the international airport. From Kotoka Airport terminal you can fly to neighboring countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Lagos in addition to various other cities in Middle East. Direct flights to New York and Washington in USA and European cities of Frankfurt and Amsterdam can be found from Accra.

Traveling in Accra

A good network of road and standard transportation system in the city, make Accra travel easier for international tourists. Taxis are the easiest mode of transportation to get around in Accra. You can select from metered taxi, shared taxi and Tro Tro. Metered taxis have meters to exhibit the fare while shared taxis follow fixed routes and have fixed rates per passenger. TroTros, larger in size, ply of all of the routes in Accra .You may also hire a sedan, a kind of car, from the rental car section of upscale hotels in the city.

Things to Do

Paraglidin,Surfing,resort relaxation,theatre

The paragliding is a very nice sports in Ghana,with a paragliding you can see vast places of Ghana from the mountains,also there a pong her in Ghana at the northern part of Ghana which you can feed crocodiles and and sit on the when they come out the pond,there are numerous game reserves and in the whole of Africa.

Dancing at Twist

Twist has been extended to include a dancefloor and DJ booth inside. The bar caters to an upmarket set, who congregate in the large garden before heading in for a dance.

Labadi beach attractions and things to do

Acrobats, jugglers and fisherman provide the entertainment. And of course the beach has its vendors and salesmen offering you crafts, paintings, copy sun glasses or copy whatever it is. At night there is live music, most of it quite good.

Learn about Drumming

Drumming lessions at National Culture Center. Customers who buy drums will also learn how to play the basics of drumming.

Have a visit to James Town fishing village

Jamestown is a part of old Accra and looks picturesque on distance with houses clustering together around a sea cliff with James fort on top.

Hiplife nightlife at Rockstone’s Office

This bar is owned by ‘Godfather of Hiplife’ Reggie Rockstone, who has created a kind of hip hop casual environment.

Sightseeing in Accra

Sightseeing in Accra isn’t a problem at all. Various travel agencies exist to provide you with skilled drivers and experienced guides. Brochures of itineraries can be found in plenty. There are many items to see in Accra. Its historical sites, various entertainment centers and beautiful beaches make it one of the most widely used Ghana Tourist Attractions. Once in Accra, you cannot lose out the following :

Labadi Beach

It’s the most beautiful beach in Accra. The beach by the Atlantic features several cafe-restaurants, souvenir shops. If weather gives you will be entertained with a group of characters. They perform drumming, dancing, pony rides, and acrobatics on the beach.


It’s the pride of Accra. Jamestown can also be the oldest neighborhood in the city and an energetic fishing harbor too.

Christianborg Castle

This 17th century castle is yet another historical asset in Accra. The castle was built by the Danes.

Independent Square

This is the main focal point in Accra. The square is surrounded with several fine old buildings and a number of shops to browse.

Aside from these, you can also visit the National Museum, Ghana Academy of Arts and Science and the National Archives of Ghana in Accra, to obtain an idea of the nation’s rich art and culture. So, arrived at Accra and explore the city at its best.


  1. Zeena Tasleem

    Interested in more info on Accra

  2. robert perry

    what your think about accra tourist attractions? There are ample of beautiful attractions at Accra. If you are planning your visit and execute your visit and don’t go to beaches like La Pleasure and Kokrobite Beach. Your visit won’t be completed.

    Because these are among the must watch places at Accra. These beaches can be found and situated 25 kilometers from the main land of Accra. These beaches are crowded normally at weekends.People around the globe book their cheap flights to Accra through Arik Air and pay trip to this exotic city.

    People of age groups like to pay visit this superior and perfect beaches and enjoy their times with friends and family members. Tourists play different water games here like swimming, sea surfing, sea skiing, boat riding, scooter riding, yachting, fishing and various games on the white sand like volleyball, football and Frisbee.

  3. Ghana is a so nice spot and never too hard to get to, but it may take a while, I prefer British Airways to obtain there, relatively speaking they aren’t too expensive and it’s a direct as you can get. While Accra is nice, visiting smaller villages and towns is quite the experience and totally worthwhile!
    For the most part people in Ghana are very friendly and it is a pretty safe place, meaning you can stay in a boarding house or perhaps a non-Western hotel, etc. which means you should be fine traveling beyond Accra. Find a tro-tro to anywhere really, it’s all too easy to get back to Accra……………………………
    …………. I totally recommend walking the rope bridge over the canopy at Kakum National Park, the slave forts in Cape Coast are sobering but worth experiencing, Tafe Atome Monkey Sanctuary is really a cool experience as is Wli waterfall (the final two mentioned are on the other side of the country from CC, both near HoHoe- I believe, but so cool!) The very best experience will be meeting people and researching the culture more so than seeing the sights! If you’re planning on going soon, Ghana’s 50th anniversary is within March, it’s sure to be an incredible celebration!

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