7 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Rabat, Morocco

Morocco is a country with diverse art, architecture, and culture, which is attributed to the fact that various empires ruled this region, and Rabat is just a reflection of this beautiful, diverse country.

Rabat is the capital city of the African nation, Morocco. It is located at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg, on the Atlantic coast. Rabat, Morocco does not only feature an urban city but also features some interesting historical spots perfect for history buffs out there. Rabat is the capital and second largest city in Rabat. It is widely known for its stunning colonial architecture and palm-lined boulevard and one of the popular Tourist destination in Morocco. The city is spanned with significant monuments that punctuates the Moroccan history.

8 Things to do in Rabat

Here are the following of the top 7 tourist attractions in Morocco:

Rabat Tourist Attractions

Rabat Tourist Attractions

The Hassan Mosque & Hassan Tower

The Hassan Mosque is Rabat’s Most famous landmark and of of the most ambitious of all the Alhmoad architectural sites. Sultan Yacoub al Mansour begun construction of this enormous minaret in 1195, with the intention of reaching 60 meters marking the highest in the Muslim World. This ambitious mosque was abandoned when al Mansour died with the minaret, still standing today, at 40 meters. The adjacent mosque was destroyed by an earthquake and only a few re-erected pillars stand today. Some of the pillars that are the most magnificent are Roman ruins that were moved from the area of Volubilis to the exterior of the mosque. The minaret is a majestic sight that dominates every view of the capital.

Bab Rouah

As one of five gates that once served as entrances to the city of Rabat, Bab Rouah was built in 1197 and is a key historical attraction. Although being immense in size, Bab Rouah is superbly decorated in intricate designs. Once through the gates, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the rooms, including the Bab Rouah gallery which focuses on displaying the works of Moroccan artists.


Chellah, also known as Sala Colonia is one of Rabat’s most evocative sights and offers a rich history. The crumbling and overgrown location of this necropolis and complex of the ancient Roman Mauretania Tingitana. Its ancient atmosphere makes Chellah a rich place to visit.

Mausoleum of Mohammad V

The Mausoleum of Mohammad V is a historical building that contains the tombs of a Moroccan King, King Hassan II and his two sons, Prince Abdallah. Its architecture is that of the modern Alaouite dynasty with white silhouette, topped by a typical green tiled roof, green being the color of Islam.

Royal Palace of Rabat

Located in the heart of Rabat, the Royal Palace is a moderately impressive building with stunning fine illustration of Islamic architecture. It has a big complex with gardens encircling stunning, scenic and green.

Royal Palace of Rabat

Royal Palace of Rabat

Kasbah Des Oudaias

Kasbah Des Oudaias has been the citadel of the Alhmohads, Merinids and Andalusians in Rabat. You can visit the Kasbah Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city, built in 1050 and subsequently rebuilt in the 18th century. Below is a seventeenth-century semaphore station called the platforme. Several forts are built below and around the platforme to protect the town from corsair fleets.

Mamora Forest

Located in the vicinity of Rabat, the Mamora Forest includes vast numbers of cork trees, along with pine groves, wild pear trees and eucalyptus trees. The forest is a haven for a wide variety of bird and animal life and is a popular hiking spot for nature lovers.

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